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Typhoon Maintenance

After a three year gap, 6 Squadron reformed at Leuchars with the Eurofighter Typhoon on 6th September 2010. 6 Squadron operates the latest standard of the Typhoon, and is qualified in both the air-air and air-ground roles.

In March 2011, the Squadron took over the duties of Northern QRA as 111 Squadron with its Tornado F3 aircraft stood down. Just one month later in April, the Squadron had its first operational task in support of air action over Libya. After that, the pace of life at Leuchars was hectic, with training deployments to Butterworth in Malaysia, to UAE, to Sweden, and to Exercise Red Flag in the USA.

6 Sqn Centenary Parade

6 Sqn Centenary Parade

The Squadron celebrated its Centenary in grand style on 11th and 12th April 2014. The parade had the Chief of Air Staff, ACM Sir Andrew Pulford as reviewing Officer. This was followed by a formal dinner in the Officer’s Mess, and an all-ranks party in the hanger.

On 6th June 2014, 6 Squadron moved to its new base at RAF Lossiemouth. The Northern QRA commitment continued, and Squadron personnel also take their turn at fulfilling the QRA commitment in the Falklands.

With the Baltic nations now part of NATO, but with no indigenous air defence capability, other NATO nations have been deployed to the area to undertake Baltic Air Policing. 6 Squadron deployed to Estonia as part of this initiative for four months over the summer of 2015. During the deployment, the Squadron conducted 16 live intercepts against 36 Russian aircraft.

Baltic Air Policing

The operational commitments continued with a deployment to RAF Akrotiri in support of Op SHADER, the coalition fight against Daesh in Syria and Iraq. With six Typhoons in theatre, armed with Paveway IV GPS/LASER-guided bombs, missions were flown by day and by night between April and September 2016. The Squadron returned home to prepare for further overseas training in Exercise Red Flag 17-1 followed by a period as the high-readiness Typhoon squadron.