6 Squadron Standards

The Royal Standard

No.6 Squadron became eligible for the granting of a Royal Standard in 1939 but due to the War, the presentation was delayed until 1954

6 Sqn Royal Standard

6 Squadron Standard photographed in the studio at RAF Lossiemouth to record the addition of battle honors for the squadron.

The presentation of the Standard by Air Marshall Sir Claude Pelly, K.C.B., C.B.E., M.C., Air Officer Commanding Middle East Air Force, was held at Amman on the 31st  January 1954. This Standard is laid up at the Church of St Andrews, Lammas, Coltishall.

A second Standard was presented by Air Chief Marshall Sir Keith Williamson, GCB, AFC, ADC, at RAF Coltishall on the 31st October 1980. This standard is now laid up in Norwich Cathedral.

A third standard was presented to No 6 Squadron by ACM Sir Graham “Jock” Stirrup  at RAF Coltishall on the 1st of April 2006.

The Royal Jordanian Standard

No.6 Squadron is unique in having been awarded two Royal Standards, the second being presented by King Abdullah the First of Jordan at the Royal palace at Amman.

6 Sqn Royal Jordanian Standard

6 Sqn Royal Jordanian Standard

During the Squadron’s many years service in the Middle East, it was deeply involved in the seemingly ever present rebellions, minor wars and insurgency. Various border clashes between French – Syria and Trans-Jordan were dealt with by the Squadron, which was constantly engaged in peace keeping throughout the region.

Towards the end of the 1930’s, the clashes became mainly Arab-Jewish, and the Squadron in carrying out its duties suffered many casualties and gained many honours and awards. A close association was built up between the Squadron and the Emir Abdullah of Trans-Jordan. He showed great interest in the Squadron which had virtually been his air bodyguard for nearly twenty years. In 1940, the Emir was granted the honorary rank of Air Commodore in the Royal Air Force and the Squadron carried out a fly past in his honour from Ramleh in Palestine.

Ten years later, the Squadron arrived in Mafraq on the 31st May 1950 to test the viability of using a sand airfield as a base for jet operations. On arrival, the new Vampire Mk5s carried out three formation runs past King Abdullah’s royal palace at Amman. On the 9th June, the King arrived at Mafraq and inspected the Squadron aircraft. The C.O. (Sqn Ldr Pat Kennedy) presented him with a framed reproduction of the Squadron badge. As an expression of his delight, he presented the Squadron with one of his personal Standards at the royal palace at Amman on the 15th October 1950.

The Standard is of silk in the Jordanian colours of black, white, green and red with the Royal Crest in gold as the centrepiece.