Death of Cpl Wainright

We were deeply saddened to learn about the death of Cpl Wainright in a road traffic accident whilst deployed to Akrotiri with 6 Squadron on Operation Shader.

6 Squadron CO, Wg Cdr Billy Cooper wrote the following tribute:

“Cpl Wainwright was an unfailingly professional technician who had an incredible passion for his family, his work and life in the Royal Air Force. He was a man who motivated and lifted everybody he interacted with at RAF Lossiemouth, especially on No. 6 Squadron. A fighter squadron is a very tight unit and Cpl Wainwright embodied all the qualities to make that possible. He was a mentor to those both more senior and more junior and by sheer force of personality produced results in people others could not.”

The thoughts of all Association members go out to Cpl Wainright’s family.